Plug Production...

We produce ground covers, herbaceous perennials, shrubs
and herbs in 200 and 128 plug trays. Plugs can be produced to
order and the lead time varies according to the plant type and
season. You can also place an order from the Availability List
which is updated weekly.

Yearly or six monthly production schedules can be placed
with us and we will ensure your monthly orders are delivered
on time.

Our trays are dipped to seal them against root penetration.
This prevents damage to the root ball and plant when removing
it from the tray. Our plugs are fed organically while in the tray to
ensure the nutrient content is high. This ensures that the roots
will move out into the new medium when planted. All our plug
trays are hardened off before we send them out.

We do a wide range of plugs and because of the large number of re-vegetation projects we are involved in, an unusual and interesting range has developed. We are continuously adding to the range so keep an eye on our stock and availability lists. There is a plant for every environmental situation you may encounter.

Our unique 128 plug tray is perfect for landscaping. It is easy to handle and cost effective. They compete well with the six-pack market. Planted at the right time of year – autumn to spring - there is a no better way to deal with large areas that need to be covered cost effectively. They are also a marvellous answer to planting up the small pockets in retaining walls.

When our trays are delivered by courier they are placed into individual boxes. This ensures the root ball remains undisturbed and intact.

When planting out the tray remember to always push the plugs up from the bottom of the tray so they are not damaged by pulling and tugging from the top. The flat back end of a pencil will make a useful 'popping' tool. The plant stems should not be squeezed but held gently, and make sure the plugs are not planted too deep. Water the tray well before 'popping' the plugs and then again after the plugs have been planted. This will ensure a successful outcome and a happy plant.

Aloe Mr Hickey Arctotis Red Aristea major Barleria obtusa Pink Drosanthemum speciosus
Erica perspicua Gazania Large Pink Heliptrum argyropsis Hermannia saccifera Lamprathus pink
Leucospermum muirii Leucospermum Orange Osteospermum Louisa Pelargonium betulinum Plectranthus fruiticosus Liana
Protea Pink Ice Scabiosa Pink Tecomaria capensis yellow Tecomaria orange