Essentially Flowers has recently been formed as a marketing arm of Veld and Fynbos Nursery. We have been developing bulbs for the horticultural market over the last five years and are proud to introduce our range of winter flowering bulbs. Our bulbs are sustainably produced at our nursery and we are striving to increase our range each year.

Our bulbs should be planted after the first autumn rain into a well-drained sandy soil. They prefer full sun with a little potash added to enhance flowering. Individual full planting instructions are included in each of our packets.

We have a wide variety of colourful bulbs in our range that attract bees and birds and are scented to bring you hours of pleasure.

Babiana-disticha Babiana-stricta Babiana-villosa Ferraria-crispa Freesia-alba
Geissorhiza aspera Geissorhiza monanthos Geissorhiza radians Gladiolus alatus Gladiolus carinatus
Gladiolus meliusculus Gladiolus priori Gladiolus rougex Gladiolus tenellus Gladiolus tristis
Gladiolus venustus Ixia hybrid Ixia maculata Ixia scilliaris Ixia viridiflora
Lachenalia aloides Lachenalia bulbifera Lachenalia pustulata Moraea aristata Moraea bellendenii
Onixoti stricta Ornithogalum suaveolens Ornithogalum thrysoides Romulea flava Romulea rosea
Sparaxis bulbifera Sparaxis grandiflora Tritonia hybrid