Veld and Fynbos is a plug production nursery producing rooted plugs for the nursery and landscaping industry. Our focus is on indigenous plants but we also have a large exotic range of popular plants and herbs for the garden. We have a particular interest in conservation and strive to marry the commercial and conservation worlds. We do this by continually introducing indigenous flora from the different veld types onto the market.

About Us

Our Mission

We strive to supply a range of quality produced plugs for the wholesalers and landscapers. These are produced in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Our History

We bought our farm as an undeveloped property with no electricity or water. We sunk a borehole, convinced Eskom to put up electricity and have spent the many years developing our nursery and coaxing mother gardens from depleted soils.

Our Vision

To continue introducing new and exciting indigenous plants to the industry for the home garden. To continue growing and expanding our range of indigenous bulbs and essential oil plants.


Our organically produced soil grown plugs are hard to beat

Tray Sizes

We have spent years developing a successful product. Our plugs are planted into a proper soil medium containing our home produced compost. This enables the plug to be successfully transplanted either into pots or the landscape and to thrive in its new environment.

The Packaging

Our plugs are produced in various sized trays. These being 200, 104, 128 and 45 plug trays. We have produced these different sizes to meet both the plants needs and our buyer’s requests.

Our Recomendations

We have found the 200 and 104 trays to be suitable for the nursery trade and the 128 and 45 trays are enjoyed by both the nurseries and the landscapers. The landscapers find them easy and quick to plant as well as being very cost effective.

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What we offer

A stunning range of ground cover, shrub and fynbos plants.


Availability lists are updated weekly

Many of our customers place pre-orders with us.
This ensures that they receive what they want when they want it.
Our order form lists all the plants we produce in their
various size trays with the relevant pricing.

Our plug trays can be couriered throughout South Africa.
Each tray is placed in its own box to ensure its safe arrival.
We make use of two reputable courier companies and are very
happy with their prompt and caring service.

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Only sold as dry bulbs from January to April

Please check the availability list during these months.

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18 Groenerivier Estate,
Klein Dassenberg Road, Malmesbury

Phone Number

+27 82 877 9838